Monday, September 3, 2012

10 years and counting!

10 years ago. 10 long years ago.
we've lived in 4 different apartments/houses.
we've lived in the city.
we've lived in the country.
we've had 2 babies.
we've yelled & cried.
we've laughed & smiled.
we've given all we had.
we've hurt.
we've healed.
we've agreed & agreed to disagree.
we've dreamed big dreams and rejoiced in the little things.
we've loved.

we've been *this close* to ending it all. but we didn't. 

and in celebration of all of that.... we went away for the night! to the Poconos where we dined and hot tubed and hiked (Appalachian trail!). I can honestly say that we're probably at the happiest we've been in our relationship thus far. it feels good. really good.