Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthdays 2012: 5 & 7

This year instead of a birthday party the kids opted to spend 2 night at Great Wolf Lodge. We had a blast!

 The lobby always had fun things happening!

 All around the hotel was an interactive wizard game. We resisted buying the gear you need to play but cracked eventually. I'm so glad we did because it was sooooo much fun!

The best part of course was the WATER PARK!

We can't wait to go back! Happy Birthday May & Cam!

Chicken Cat babies, Part 2

At about 6 weeks once they were eating dry food (mostly) we made Cameron's room the "cat room" and brought them inside. I had homes lined up for all of them.... one by one they got picked up! The black one went to a Friend of Jen Wesphal, the male gray one went to a friend of our neighbor Laurie and the female gray one went to Chris' cousin Amanda. 

We were so sad to see them all go. I absolutely loved having the kittens around but they don't stay kittens forever!

Side note: At the same time we brought the kittens inside we had CC fixed. She did well and stayed in our bedroom for a few days after the surgery to recover. We debated keeping her inside but she was clearly wanting to be outside again. Once we lost all of our chickens (another blog post!) she left and we haven't seen her much since :(

Chicken cat babies, part 1

 CC (Chicken Cat)

The morning of May 18th 2012 I went out to let the chickens out of their coop as usual only to find CC (the stray kitten who has been living with our chickens for the last 6mo) laying at the entrance of the coop, which was usual. I thought maybe she was hurt but as soon as I opened the door she ran inside to her usual spot. Not 5 minutes later her first kitten was born (a black one!) I saw it happen and was in total shock. I was hoping because she was still a kitten herself her litter would be small and possibly only one.... not so! Soon after 2 more gray ones were born! The kids were very excited and intreged by it all. They watched at least one being born if not two (I can't remember!)

CC was a wonderful mama to them. They co-existed with the chickens for a few weeks and then CC moved them into the shed for a few days. After that they were back into the coop. CC was very good about letting me and the kids hold them (and take tons of pictures of them!) 

 3 days old


The black one was female, and the gray ones were one of each!

 5 days old

to be cont......

a quick word

I still need to play catch up from last year AND add things from this year. Ugh. I believe I'm going to take a big step back from Facebook. It's a time warp for me and it's stealing valuable time from me & my family. I do hope to be more active here though. This is worth the time much more so because I can come back and  reminisce, much like a journal.

more things that need blogging:

  • Pop-Pop's death
  • Christmas 2012
  • Granddaddy's death