Friday, February 25, 2011

the bikes are back, baby!

 our weather is erratic at this point in the year but at least once a week we are getting a nice (50+ degree) day. nice enough to open the garage door (ignoring the mess we've made all winter, spring cleaning will come soon enough) and dig out the bikes! the ground is still very wet so staying on the pavement is ideal.

of course we have to try out every wheeled vehicle we own.

whoops, we still  the Winter wobbles.... Spring & Summer should cure that!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mayden says: donuts

Saturday morning....

Me: "hey! why don't we pause this movie, get dressed, go to Wawa and get some donuts?!?"
May after a bit of a pause: "that sounds like a lot of work"

HAHA wow, too lazy to go and buy donuts?!?! where have i gone wrong?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the who, what, where, when, why & how of our homeschooling

the who, what, where, when, why & how of our homeschooling

Who: Our family... Mama aka Adia, Dada aka Chris, our daughter Mayden (6/05) & our son Cameron (6/07)

What: -75% unschooling and 25% homeschooling... this is what we envision anyway, we'll see what reality looks like.

Where: Everywhere.... home, in our backyard, the park, grandma's house, the post office, library, in the city, in the country, homeschool co-ops, the beach, Arizona... you get the picture.

When: While we will "offically" start in Sept with traditional schools. We envision year round school because really there will be no turning the learning off.

Why: Let me first say that i don't think homeschooling/unschooling is for everyone just as i don't think public school, private school or any alternate schooling is for everyone. In our case we see this as an opportunity to let our children be free from desks, textbooks, homework, standerdize testing and bullies. And in turn give them space & freedom for growing in directions of their choosing. on a personal note, i think it will be a lot of fun and anticipate learning a lot right along side of them! The real question is...why not??

How: one thing we will be doing to ensure lots of learning time is available will be limiting TV/movies/computer games etc. On "school" days the children will be allowed 1-2 hours of screen time to be used only after dinner. In the early years of schooling we do not plan on using curriculum but might give unit studies a try now and then. Basically literacy, time and plenty of exposure to interesting things should do the trick for now.

one to many blogs

i read too many blogs and i have too many blogs!

so I am officially closing the "chasing bugs & butterflies" blog and moving all things homeschooling over here to the "life blog". It's not really separate in my mind so no need for a separate blog. I thought about moving all the posts from that blog over here as to not lose anything... but i think that will take too much time so i'm just going to start over.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

kids say the darnedest things!

the other night Chris and I were playing a "whisper down the lane" type game with May and it went like this...

Chris to Mayden: "put me to bed now, woman"
Mayden to me: "poop on the bed now, woman"

it took Chris a few seconds to realize she had said it out loud to me wrong so i was very confused! 

Cameron's current "curse" words: butt, blood, hunk, humbug, gross & dude 

in other curse word news Mayden said the "F word" a few weeks ago.... her very first one! i was home alone putting her to bed and I guess I was rushing the process. I turned on her music that she always has on when going to sleep and walked out of the room. she comes stomping into the kitchen where I was and yelled "it's to fu*king loud" at me. I think she had to pick my jaw up off the ground before we went any further with our conversation. I'll never forget that!

Monday, February 14, 2011