Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Magazine Christmas Tree

I wanted to share this awesomely cool Christmas decoration idea with you! Mayden started this at Girl Scouts this year and brought it home to finish. It's basically just folding pages of a magazine until you get a tree shape and then decorating it. for real directions go here.

It made the perfect centerpiece for our table this year! I think we'll make more in varying sizes next year.... so fun!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 & year end review

Halloween was my last post so I'm thinking its about time for a new post :o)

We've all been extremely busy over the last few months (and year, really) but that's a good thing right? Have you been keeping track of things over at Adia Speer Photography? That's where I've been hanging out a lot lately.

sooooo to sum things up:
Homeschooling = fantastic! met lots of homeschooling friends in the area this year and that helps more than you know! May is writing well and reading even better. She's able to read level 2 books pretty easily which is wonderful! Cameron is finally coming along with his speech and color recognition!
Knitting = learned how to make hats and I love it. excited to get more creative with it.
Sewing = on the back burner due to knitting
Reading = I'm in the middle of two wonderful series. The Hunger Games & Twilight... both teen fiction but both really page turners.
Photography = I learn more and more everyday. I feel like my skills are always improving and I'm focusing on perfecting my post production of images. The biz is really taking off and I'm ready to turn it into a legitimate small business next month. Never in a million years thought I'd be a small business owner but here I go! Stay tuned for a complete ASP makeover soon.

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