Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mayden is 10!

Mayden is 10!

TEN. ugh! While the days were long the years flew by in these first 10 years of her life. She's the most beautiful, smart, friendly, excited girl I know. Always ready for the next adventure like her Dada. It really just blows me away that those baby years are long gone and now she's working on becoming an adult. 

Loves: graphic novels, musicals, watermelon, PB&J, talking, dreaming, Lala Loopsies, Minecraft, Legos, Youtube, candy, having people around her, reading, the concept of God, 

Hates: most veggies, not knowing how a magic trick is done, conflict, 

who would have thought i'd end up with the best girl in all the land?

Favorite food:  apple.
Favorite places to go: great wolf lodge, the beach, 
Favorite color: yellow, orange and purple.
Favorite band/music: taylor swift, sloan and the beatles.
Favorite thing to do: read.
Favorite movie: LOTR.
Favorite book: Japanese graphic novels. <3
Favorite Youtuber: Stampy cat and iballisticsquid.
Favorite place to eat:  golden coral.
Favorite tv show: Victorious.
Favorite homeschool group/class: fernbrook.
Favorite video game: minecraft.
Favorite time of the day: 4:00.

Cameron is 8!

Cameron is 8!

8 is great, right? Right!

I love this kid. He's kind and funny and crazy and loving. I love this photo above because he's holding a stick and a rock and from (almost) day one... that's him! I've definitely babied him (isn't that what you do with your last baby? always a baby?) but he's come such a long way in the last few years. Surprising me left and right with his sensitivity to the human spirit. 

Loves: Legos, Minecraft, Infinity, watching other people play video games on Youtube, hiking, peanut butter sandwiches, cottage cheese (bumpy white things), LOTR, Skylanders, swimming, villains, card games, being read to, going to the big movies with Dada, 

Hates: most fruit, cleaning up, learning to read, getting out of the pool, long car rides